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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  August 28, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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august consumer confidence -- consumer september meant. it will rise to 80.5. after it well to a low last month. >> we'll get things over to gerri willis with "the willis report." i know you have a little bit more more about a serious topic, gerri, this outrage brewing as kids bo back to school. >> deirdre, adam, that's right, thanks for that. it is the first week of school and boy, are students unhappy about it. especially the michelle obama mandated lunches we'll talk about that. also coming up in today on the show, is your money safe? we'll have the latest as the fbi investigates that massive state-sponsored cyberattack on the nation's banks. also, as college football season gets underway, we'll look at new report that says students won't be on the sidelines. hoping to keep your parent in their home instead of senior citizen. thanks to new technology, we'll tell you how to do that. "the willis report," where consumers are our business, starts right now.
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gerri: we begin tonight with two threats to your personal security from what is being described as a state-sponsored attack on jpmorgan and its customers to the heightened threat of isis terrorists. the islamic state now controls roughly a third of syria and is cementing its grip on the northern part of iraq. as the crisis unfolds overseas, fresh worrieses tonight when isis will bring the threat to america's doorstep. here with the latest, michael balboni, senior fellow at the homeland security policy institute and a former new york state homeland security director. and fox news national security analyst kt mcfarland. she was the deputyary of defensr president reagan. welcome to you both. kt, i will start with you. the president just got done talking about these threats. >> right. gerri: in a press conference and i want to read you a tweet from senator john mccain who said this. we don't have a strategy on isis
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yet. and then he hashtags, isis is a largest, richest terrorist group in history. so how do you react to that, kt? does mccain have it right? is there no strategy at all here? >> yeah. and there is no strategy and there are three problems, none of which are being addressed. really three issues, gerri. one is isis itself in the middle east fighting in syria and iraq, fighting its neighbors. the second is isis is beginning to control over oil fields. isis has taken over oil fields in syria, trying to get more in iraq. and if they succeed in getting for example, into kurdistan they would control a very large part of oil coming out of that region. so would then look at a world, in a world economy that says, well our oil is now in the hand of russia, iran and isis. none of those are good options. gerri: no. >> but the third issue really the most important for america and our own security is who are these guys and there are several hundred american passport
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holders, american citizens, fighting in isis. gerri: right. >> there are several thousand europeans. they could come to the united states without a visa and we have seen in the last two weeks that there are americans who have gone to fight there. have come back to the united states, and have gone back again to syria to fight. we didn't even know they were here. gerri: kt, you covered a lot of ground there. let's break it down piece by piece. i want to go to michael for a second. you were director of security for new york. my big question, what people are asking me every single day now, when is isis coming to our doorstep? when are they going to be here? is that something we have to worry about, particularly as kt said, a lot of these people, they hold british passports, they hold u.s. passports? should we be worried? >> a lot of people would be mistaken if they took the peahead of james foley as a redux of daniel pearl that this is one time thing. what isis demonstrated they have a global recruitment program. they are soliciting folks to
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join their ranks in the streets of london. the fact that the individual who did the beheading had a british accent should not be lost on people who say, this is them demonstrating that they have a global reach and what i consider is that if you can solicit an recruit on the streets of london, you can also mount attacks. the challenge for security experts here in this nation is that we've always viewed the an attack on london or any type of european ally as one step away from an attack on the united states. we saw that in 2006 with the airplane, liquid bomb plot. this is something we work very closely with the european allies on. but isis is not al qaeda of old. much and that is what we really have to pay attention to. gerri: i want to play some sound from mike rogers who is head of the intelligence committee in the house and what he said about isis and threat it poses. listen to this. >> this is as dangerous a threat
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matrix as i have ever seen in my time on the intel committee which is 10 years. gerri: kt, does he have that right? >> yeah. the reason it is different and it is different from al qaeda and different from the taliban, as michael said, isis has global ambitions. we laugh at that. oh, they're not taking over the world. look what they have done in three months? they're now the most cash-rich terrorist army in the world. two billion in cash and assets. two billion a day in revenue from oil fields. best equipped. they have the momentum. they are now the place to go if you want to wage holy jihad. and their leader, al baghdadi, he has said i will see you in new york. they have already staked out their desire to come to the united states, to for terror cells and carry out terrorist acts in the united states. gerri: i'm glad you mentioned that because we actually have some sound from one of these isis terrorists. i want to play it. listen to this.
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[speaking in native tongue] gerri: so he says we'll raise the flag of allah at the white house in washington. michael balboni, today in washington, there was a big meeting with eggheads basically talking about the threat overlunch. in washington apparently what you do you have a big threat you have it catered. are we responding sufficiently enough to this threat, michael? >> i think what you have to do, you have to take the program, of the drones and the air campaign,
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you have to get other allies to join you but then you have to do a limited boots on the ground initially from multinational forces. you have got to provide special force capability and take away their ability to get arms, to get money and to get recruits. those are the lifelines and lifeblood of any type of terrorist organization. there is one other threat a lot of people aren't focusing on and kt mcfarland knows this better than anybody else, pakistan. pakistan is a country, yes it is stable. it has a big army but it is also very sympathetic to a lot of the views that isis holds dear to themselves. they are a nuclear power. we should not allow isis to move anywhere near. gerri: very good point. >> we should make sure they can not expand at all. we don't want to be faced with that horror scenario of any type of purchase in the pakistani government. gerri: very good point. kt, michael, thanks for being on tonight. thanks for the great
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information. >> thanks, gerri. gerri: from one threat to another. hackers for hire may be newest threat facing our nation and your wall lit. while the russians may behind the cyberattack at jpmorgan, this could be a wake-up call for our national security. former white house chief information officer teresa peyton joins with us details what she says are cyber mercenaries targeting you and me. welcome back to the show. you caught it last night. you said this may be state-sponsored terrorism. mike rogers, head of house intelligence committee saying just that. do you have anymore details or anymore analysis of how it is that russia could be attacking us in this way? >> yes. you bring up a great point, that the house intelligence committee did say that this does have the fingerprints of state sponsorship. look attack ticks that they're using. the tactics they're using seem to point to russia, with forensics still ongoing.
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we'll learn something new in minute increments at a time. until the forensics are complete we'll learn new things. it has sort of telltale signs of russia. intrusions that take as few weeks for people to see that it is there. files being exfiltrated and just the manner and methods which they attack the bank and other potential banks sound like russia. gerri: of course "usa today." is actually reporting that tonight. we got some full screens, snapshots, of the computer screens that people who work at bank, jpmorgan chase, would have seen on their own. they are described as typical smash-and-grab scenario. really an elaborate fibbing kind of scheme. -- phishing scream. people that worked at bank, got an email of looks like the company. that is the logo exactly the way jpmorgan chase's logo looks. they were asked to log in, give them account information. lots of details.
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and unfortunately what was really going on here, it was a malware program, that was connected to a web page in moscow. how is it that banks, which typically have the most elaborate and sophisticated protections could fall for something as simple as phishing episode? you know, one of those things where cyber-terrorists and cyber criminals play to our multitasking nature. so what they do is, they make it look like it is coming from your own company, a company you do business with, or fellow employee. based on this really well-crafted email, that is how they tricked you into clicking on those links. gerri: i have to tell you, i'm shocked, showed, shocked, that people that work at jpmorgan chase would fall for this and jamie dimon, who runs the organization says he has 1,000 people working on it. but apparently not enough. what do consumers need to be thinking about tonight in your view? >> again, i think it gets back
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to, you have to take control of your own privacy and security. in doing that, one, when you get emails from your bank, with links in them, don't cling on the link. no banking institution will send you an email with a link to click on and give up personal information. and two, have a unique email address that you only use between you and that bank. and if that email address starts getting spam or you're starting to get weird messages, then you know there might be a compromise. >> does it make sense to take a look online at your account, make sure everything looks like it is in order? >> absolutely. and most of the banks have a great tool that you can use where you can have an automated text alert or email alert that tells you every time there's a change to your account or if a deposit or transaction against that account has been made. >> theresa, thank you so much. >> thank you. gerri: we have more, more, more to come this hour including your voice. your voice is important to us. that's why during the show we
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want to you facebook me, tweet me, @gerriwillisfbn. go to our website, you can email us there and at the bottom of the hour i will read your tweets and emails. labor day weekend marks kickoff of college basketball season, but why more and more students -- we mean the football season. not the basketball season. we mean the football season. why are students deciding to skip the big game? what is up with that? we'll tell you. ♪
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gerri: college students sitting out the big games according to "the wall street journal" the average student attendance at college football games has dropped more than 7% since 2009. look at that. hear to weigh in the founder and ceo of spotlight ticket management which manages, tracks, reports over a billion dollars a year in tickets for global brands. welcome to the show. thanks for having you here. what is going on? why are students not going to the game. >> thanks for having me. this the is problem we're seeing in most major sports. issue we're seeing in college
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football. think there are three reasons. a lot of people are saying we are not going or don't have wi-fi or fantasy sports. i don't think that is true. corporatization of college sports made it difficult for millenials. gerri: how so? >> all the teams are trying to sell tickets as much as they can. what happens they sell the tickets to ceos, vps, 50, 60-year-olds who want to buy what it was like to be, back in college. and when you do that, you take all your best ambassadors, all the students you move them into the worst seats in the building. now they're sitting in bad seats. that hurts for number of reasons. one, they will not come. i don't go to bad seats either. two, now you have those free cheerleaders, the people you had, painting their face, you know the frat twice, college girls that everybody wants to be around, they're not coming anymore. and now the ceo is not going to buy anymore either. so that is number one reason. number two, is tv. not the tv that is nice at home. but the tv that's, now you have
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to have tv at noon. you have to have games on all day long. and that means college students have to go to noon game. you know what college kids don't do in they don't go to noon games. too early. number three -- gerri: let me interrupt you here a second if i could ask you a question. why does it matter? why does it matter that college students don't go and tickets go to deep pocketed ceos and other executives? >> number of reasons. number one, the college students are the ambience that the deep pockets are paying for. live events are driven by ambience. live nation ceo was on this morning talking about how live events are selling better than ever. the thing you pay to be a part of something that is cool, something that is neat. the deep pockets want to be part of an ambience. when you don't have face painters, crazy college kids reminding you what it was like to be there, they're not going to buy anymore. pour importantly, this is what is happening across all sports, is lifetime value of that customer, right? that college kid, he or she will
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be the deep pocketed ceo in 30 years. if they don't have any tie to the university, because they went when they were there, guess who is not buying tickets in 30 years? why. gerri: i think you make a very good. tony thanks for coming on the show tonight. a pleasure having you here. >> absolutely. thank you. >> later in the show we'll look at two new trend in housing. they surged in popularity after katrina. these tiny homes are popping up across the country. forget smartphones. we'll take a look at smart homes. we'll shoal you how technology can make your home safe for everybody, even an elderly parent. we'll tell you about that. ♪ she's still the one for you.
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gerri: making a home a smart home is more than having the convenience of turning on the lights with your phone. for seniors, the technology allows them to live in their home safely for longer. here with how you do that, alex hop kin son, ceo and cofounder of smart things, home automation system. alex, welcome to the show. good to have you here. what was the inspiration for this? >> it was issue in my own home a few years ago. we have a mountain house, found it destroyed by moisture. i couldn't believe -- gerri: did you have a leak or something? >> the house, power went out and pipes froze and burst in the winter and power came back on and flooded house. we didn't find it for months. we were shocked it didn't have a voice to tell us and now it does. gerri: how does this work? how does smart things work? >> it is open platform. to put consume earns start with the kit. they get hub and censors the most popular kit is $200 to begin and they takes about 15 minutes.
5:23 pm
bring it into your home. you choose what applications. most common ones are things like security and watching over your home while you're away. gerri: we've seen a lot of products like this, but this one in particular would probably be very good for seniors. say you have a parent with a big issue. maybe they're starting to cope with alzheimer's. how would this product help? >> it is open platform. the community is putting a lot of different uses. people with aging parents, still trying to live at home and often like early on set alzheimer's and things, are doing things like, putting, using motion sensors and open shut sensors for doors and present censors, is elder coming and going from the home on their own? are they getting up in the morning way they should and watching those patterns. gerri: so i understand one thing it can do, you tell me if this is right, say you have a front door and it opens and 1:00 in the morning and only person in that house is somebody who is in their late '80s, somebody will get a phone call? >> exactly.
5:24 pm
notify the kids. that is how a kids with aging parents are beginning to you'd fit the homes. the more piece of mind. not obtrusive. enabes independent living. >> put the sensors on the windows. how else can you use them? >> all sorts of different things. there are a thousand different sensor types work with the platform. motion sensor, temperature, humidity, vibration. gerri: why wouldn't i get a routine security system which might cost less ultimately and do some of the same things? >> security is locked use case. many time people using things for things you wouldn't necessarily expect there. is no monthly fees. it is much less expensive to use consumer internet of things technologies. >> you know, we were talking before you, we came up, right here on at the desk. your cop was just acquired by samsung. the rumor is that you got something like $200 million for it. this is really cutting-edge in apps, is it not?
5:25 pm
like outfitting, arming the house, to protect people and to protect the house itself? >> i think it as third wave internet. first it was information. then it was social and social graph and thing. now internet is coming to everyday things in the home and beyond. so that is a lot of implications for security and peace of mind and energy savings and so on. so i think it's a big wave. gerri: what will it cost me to outfit my home? >> start for $200. depend on your house. sort of an average three or four bedroom home, might spending 500 to $1,000. gerri: but i'm in the spending money every month? >> exactly. it is one time and you can use it a lot of different ways. it is not one size fits all. it works for people in apartments and very big homes and it is very flexible. gerri: alex, thanks a lot. we'll see what you do next, thank you. >> thank you. gerri: coming up next, we're getting your reaction, and next from smart homes to tiny homes. we'll look at small treasures that seem to be sweeping the nation. look at that. stay with us. ♪.
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♪ gerri: well, it feels like the days of the mega mansion are done. recent data shows the average size of new homes is dropping. it is no wonder there has been a growing interest in what are called tiny homes. 200 to 800 square feet, really tiny. it bigger not always better this senior real-estate reporter for the real deal. welcome to the show. tell us about the size of these homes. it sounds unimaginable. >> when you think about it at first, how am i supposed to live in that? there are ways. a lot of creativity, and you can
5:30 pm
have a full life if you design it to be a little more sensible and how you use your bedroom, your living space. you just tap tap a few steps. >> obama's right now oppose the bat down from the wall. how much do these things cost? >> they can range from $20,000 in smaller cities, smaller towns all the way up to $300,000, $400,000 in new york city. gerri: are more people buying them? we are in new york city. people always live in tiny spaces. studios get smaller every year. but it is catching on across the country. >> this is definitely a national trend, and not just for now. it is here to stay. land is a finite resource. there's only so much of it out there. you have to find ways to do what you can't. land prices are rising in manhattan. $800 a square foot. nationally that trend is taking place. it is an idea of how you make sure to let you can conserve your money, the environment.
5:31 pm
there are many factors. the financial factor, the environmental factors. gerri: one of my big questions. we saw it during the housing boom. everyone wanted huge houses. now is this another short-term trend that will work itself out over time? do you see this as something that will last? >> it makes financial sense. eighteen to 24-year-old and not really looking to buy, not thinking about head of. they want to rent. if they are buying the reason is they cannot financially afford these houses. what is happening is there looking at conserving money, and there is just no land out there. gerri: these houses are cute. and let's give the real deal difference in price. amid range tiny home, 20,000 to 40,000. the national median price, 222,000. a big difference. thank you for coming on.
5:32 pm
now we want to know what you think. do you plan on downsizing your home? log on. vote on the right hand side of the screen. we will share results. here is what some of you are tweeting me about our poll question. giving a motor home mulberry. jim says, we like our house on acreage in the country too much. melissa posted on facebook, no thanks. by 1100 square foot home is small enough. we have 1100 of the upper and lower level. to be honest, i would not mind going a bit smaller. it seems to be too much house just for the two of us. lots of different opinions. here are some of your e-mails. a report that some wal-mart's may be opening health clinics in their store. alabama, walmart is my position. the doctor cannot lesson.
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it if walmart pays is dr. like it pays its other employees you would be crazy to go there. gary from florida on a topic that has you all fired up. it should nascar be forced to change in the wake of a deadly accident at a spread car track? is nascar is fine. we don't need big brother in sports. look at everything. it is broken. nascar can take care of itself. there is an update to that story tony stewart is scheduled to return racing sunday night at an atlanta motor speedway. the three race hiatus taken after he struck and killed a fellow driver during that dirt track race. when we come back students once again faced with a less than appetizing school lunch. next, more of rage as the tsa has to inspect the medication, the drugs you want to take on the plane. how far is too far? we will discuss. your consumer gauge please check it out.
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♪ gerri: and potentially good and bad news. the national institutes of health will start testing humans as an -- with an experimental vaccine next week. the nih says federal researchers along with glaxo's smithkline developed the vaccine. the testing will be on 20 healthy adult volunteers in maryland. next month the testing will move to the united kingdom, mali, and perhaps nigeria. help could not come fast enough as the world health organization says ebola cases in west africa could exceed 20,000. that is more than six times as many as right now. so far ebola has killed nearly 1600 people.
5:38 pm
well, from of the tragedy to flying, some concision is in the air for our nation's fliers. a new video posted to the web says fliers traveling with medicationst not disclose them to the tsa agent. but do fliers really need to heed such invasive procedures? founder and ceo of travel policy is here with great information. what are they going to ask for next? this is so intrusive. >> i saw that. we investigated it. guess what they found? the tsa says that does not exist policy has not changed. you don't have to disclose it. the fda video, having to declare medicine. government intrusion, what is going on. in april we put out a press release. that is what the fda picked up. that is why you have all this confusion. air tran to set the record
5:39 pm
straight. gerri: but i don't feel like and know what's going on. what should i be doing with my medication? >> first of all, don't put them in your checked luggage put it in your carry up. >> unless you have global entry and the tsa project, if it's more declared to the agent. they can examine it. they may run some tests on a bewitch. >> mms are more than that is that a problem? >> yes. >> its medication. >> there will look at them separately. that is where they have to check. that is a big deal right now. it has been for years. gerri: has a different and international borders? you talking about five from cincinnati to houston. >> let's say you go out and
5:40 pm
internationally. the fda, check with the u.s. state department. what if the medicine you are taking is actually illegal in the kutcher you're going to? if you better go get enough from your doctor saying you need this stuff every there might be issues year-end and to. gerri: you have to be kidding. >> why you ran a hundred days worth of xanax? that is a bad thing. those are things they're looking at. gerri: i see. that makes sense. that makes sense. the end of the day the best thing to do, don't put it -- put it in your carry-on, nitre checked back, disclose everything. >> you don't have to disclose the polls or anything else, just the liquid. the government does not have to come between your doctor, the tsa agent and you, that doesn't exist today. that doesn't exist. gerri: endo when i go to the bathroom. then everything.
5:41 pm
>> this building right now. gerri: thank you. well, as we talk to robert ford, president obama under fire for saying what many had suspected, isis estate in the administration by surprise. no real plan, no real plan for combating what is being called a bigger threat. fox business correspondent rich edson is in washington. this is an astonishing statement >> the president took to the brief her room to answer questions about all that has been going on in ukraine, syria. when it comes to isis the president was saying the reports that he is seen popping up in the media, there is some suggestion that the white house was going to expand its strategy. he says that's not true. he followed it up with an additional statement. there's all sorts of reaction to this remarkable given the president. >> i don't want to put the cart
5:42 pm
before the horse. we don't have a strategy at. i think what i have seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting further ahead of where we aren't. >> in that remark, be don't have a strategy remark for mothers. said minority leader mitch mcconnell ready to present is to develop regional strategy working with allies. sees the full extent of his authority to attack this enemy force. the president is to present his plan to congress and the american people and where the president believes he lacks authority to execute the news to explain to congress how additional authority for the use of force will protect american. we don't have a strategy. the white house's you're misinterpreting. in his remarks today the president was explicit. as he has been in the past.
5:43 pm
what the white house is saying, what the president and said, waiting basically to get the government in order entire to international and regional partners. he joined his national security council to discuss this and other issues going on around the world. gerri: it is fascinating. al lot of people making note of those comments during this long press release. he also mentioned that he spoke to the german chancellor about sanctions regarding russia. tell us about that. >> well, the president did say in his remarks that we are not taking military action against russia. he did speak with the german chancellor who had mentioned it is, perhaps, time to into -- consider additional sanctions. the white house saying that they did discuss possible additional sanctions and will meet next week at the nato summit.
5:44 pm
so this latest incursion, 1,000 russian troops going over the border into ukraine. again, the u.s. and the you are talking more sanctions against russia. gerri: so much going on. busy, busy news day. thank you for making time. time now for a look at stories you're clicking on. bring on the the new iphone. inviting media to a special event on september 9th and the iphone maker is expected to unveil the latest versions of the smart farm. typically crib to cavitation, wish we could say more. worsening tensions in ukraine weighing on investors. russian forces had entered the country. that sent stocks into the red, even as last quarter gdp was revised up. and more americans want to buy a home. the number is still 2 percent lower than a year ago. the pressure is causing home
5:45 pm
sales to drop starting to ease including mortgage rates drop in prices stabilizing explosion and a bp refinery. the fire was put after less than two hours with one minor injury reported. he is explosion that could be heard several blocks away is being called an operational incident. and those are some of the hot stories right now on still to come, my "2 cents more" an outrageous kids go back to school. so fired up about what they have to eat or in some cases not to eat. thanks to my first lady. details coming up. you, my friend are a master of diversification.
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that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. ♪ gerri: what does it take to win the title the most american cities? the title recently handed out to nashville, tennessee. the home of country music apparently has of the demographics most closely mirror in the national average. indianapolis, charleston, and jacksonville rounded out the top five. down further, detroit mirrors the country the most when it comes to income. greensboro, north carolina when it comes to education and tulsa, okla. most resembles the metric of aged. the least american city, mcallen , texas. kids are headed back to school this week, and they are not a bit happy with mrs. obama school
5:50 pm
lunch and snacks overall, the food program. the administration's effort to fight child of obesity. since the summit of on twitter. here with more is kansas' reform editor-in-chief. welcome back to the show. these kids have a point, don't they? >> they do. unfortunately, she is not pro-choice when it comes to student lunches. gerri: of paper read listen. i want to read some of the streets because people are on fire. kids are having a fit. here is one. why did you take my fries from my high-school launch? that is my time for me to make my own decisions on what to eat to read what you say? >> well, back in my day the school will use to come up and beat you up and school your lunch. today with michelle obama's school lunches they are so bad that the school bully is beating you up and then making you read is launched. it is awful.
5:51 pm
gerri: that's bad. that is not good. here is another tweet. thanks. and how about this, rip. when you see the picture you will know what i mean. this topic, the vending machines and the new healthy choices. our kids ever going to accept this? >> i think what we're seeing is a rise up using social media in the way that they do, this is the way that they protest. there aren't happy with the offering is being presented. we are hearing from parents, from kids and our seeing the school districts give them something they don't want. the school districts are faced with some very difficult choices they can either operate at a net loss or they can provide the foods that the kids will end up tossing away anyway. so the students are rising up of protesting in the ways that they
5:52 pm
know how. it is causing a lot of controversy. gerri: i am going to play devil's advocate. i am sure there are a lot of moms and dads who were happy to see green beans and healthy foods, hapless, fruit, rather than what we're seeing right there which is a great big meatball sub. >> well, obviously. we are not fighting against providing healthy alternatives are nutritional lunch. the issue is to is making that decision. it is coming straight down from washington, government bureaucrats and lawmakers with a very elitist mentality and think they know how to provide better than you. gerri: well said, my friend. let me read a couple more. here's one with the picture of a backpack with kids cats and other junk food stuffed into it. and it says, says the think it is all right to take chocolate out of the vending machines in
5:53 pm
school, laughing out loud, no thank you. and then there is one more. bring back a poco das paul godfrey stack. what has happened. if you can't eat jerk food, when can you? >> they burn it off. is not a problem. gerri: i assure you ate a bunch. i'm just guessing. >> i'm still eating junk food. i'm not adhering to the obama launch plan. gerri: you're in trouble. they're coming for you. >> thank you. gerri: thanks so much. we'll be right back with my "2 cents more" and our answer to the question of the day. do you plan to downsize our home? stay with us. ♪
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gerri: a business alert for you, there is a new top dog in credit card world, american express has competition from discover. this year's number one spot on annual report of credit card satisfaction, survey based on responses from 20,000 credit card customers. coming in second and third, chase, then barclay card, tonight we talked about trend of tiny, smaller homes, a fo a pert way to down size. you are planning on -- are you planing on downsizing your home? 27% said yes, 53% said no. >> and we have animal videos,
5:58 pm
you can capture the world from your dog's points of view, thanks to a new version of the gopro camera, fetch camera has a harness that attachs to your pup, but you may have to wait z o -- as of yesterday it s soldout. >> and a giant panda in china may be giving dolphins and chimps a run for their money in title of smartest animal, the panda has been accused inflations signs of preg -- in fakeing signs of pregnancy to get more food. they gave the panda extra buns and an air can bee air-conditiot there was no baby. we talked about threats to your personal security. isis and what is describeed as state sponsored hacking a major american bank, fox news
5:59 pm
contributor kt mcfarland sounded an ominous warning saying that isis is coming here, the president has been contribute -- criticized for his lack of strategy on isis, which has been confirmed tonight, after he said, we have no strategy. that is my two cents more, we understand him, perfectly. and that is it for the willis report, join us tomorrow, we talk about golf, barely a dozen new golf courses were built in u.s. this year, over 150 went out of business, and millions of golfers left the game, eric anderson the chairman of top golf will be here, setting up a new generation of golfers, thank you for joining us, and dvr the show if you can't catch us live, have a good night, "making money" with charles payne is
6:00 pm
coming up next. charles: tonight on chicago mercantile exchange. geopolitics reteners pictures of reports that russian troops are in ukraine. something else deeper is gnawing at americans. takeover talks sweeps the street, two big deals cap off trillions in deals, i see the flood gates opening. we'll tell you our favorite takeover candidates. and chipotle talking smack. if they are right, stkrae from growthry store to fast-food could see massive upheaval. we'll tell you thousand cash in. and i -- how to catc cash in irk


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